Nova Scotia Comes out on top at ON Parasport Games

Flashback Friday to last weekend and the 2022 Ontario Parasport Games! Nova Scotia was very well represented and came out on top. Here’s a recap from Peter Parsons, athlete, coach, and Blind Sports NS Chair.
group photo of several athletes wearing medals
“Our Nova Scotia team with me, Mason and our 13 year old Harry beat the Ontario men’s provincial team in the gold medal in the competitive D1A. We also had Yvon as our back up player and Linda and Robyn coaching as well as Broden helping out all of our teams. Our Nova Scotia juniors with Nick, Matt, Griffin and Edward lost a close 11-8 game in the 3 vs 4 game against the team that had two men’s national team pool players on it from BC and Quebec. The NS Juniors beat them in their first game of the tournament. It was a great experience for the junior boys having some good close games in a senior men’s tournament.
We also had Samir, who is one of our players on one of our rec teams, win the gold medal in the D1B competitive division with two players from Ontario who are on our women’s national team.
In the rec division we had the Bluenosers win gold. The Bluenosers consisted of Edward, John and Alexis B. Atlantic won silver. Atlantic consisted of Ashlee, Samir, Alex (from NB!), and Linda (player/coach). The Blizzrds beat the Ontario team in the rec division in the 3 vs 4 game. The Blizzards consisted of Yvon, Alexis N, Emily and Samantha. Unfortunately, they did not give out bronze medals. The gold and silver medals they did give out were some of the nicest medals I’ve seen in a provincial or national level event.
It was a great experience for all on the court as well as making friends off the court. I’m very proud of all the players. Thanks again to our coaches Linda and Robyn. Thanks to Broden for helping out!”
group photo of several athletes wearing medals