ns men snatch gold 2nd year in a row at Canada senior national goalball championships

In Quebec City, Nova Scotia men’s team began day 3 of the Canadian Senior National Goalball Championships  by winning 6 to 1 over Alberta in the semi-finals. British Columbia be Quebec 4 to 1 in the other semi match, This would set the stage for Nova Scotia to defend their title as top national team in the fast-growing para sport of goalball.  Nova Scotia defeated BC 8 to 0 in the 2015 gold medal match.

Nova Scotia remains on top, having beat BC 2 to 0 in another shut-out to take home gold. Nova Scotia centre Simon Richard also won the MVP award for a second year in a row.

Simon had to come out of the final game with a few minutes left because of a nose bleed. 16 year old Mason came in with seamless defense to help secure the victory.

Tarah Sawler, 17 of Nova Scotia, played with Quebec last weekend. They made it to the semi-finals, losing to Ontario, and losing their bronze medal game with BC. Tarah played very well and at 17 years old, she has a bright future in the sport.

Congratulations to all of the athletes at coaches who participated! On the  men’s side: 1st NS, 2nd BC, 3rd QC. Women: 1st ON Harlequins, 2nd ON Thistles, 3rd BC.

NS men win gold sr nationals 2016Simon Richard MVP 2016

Canadian Senior National Goalball Champs Day 2 Results

Canadian Senior National Goalball Champs Day 2: Nova Scotia men beat quebec Quebec 5-1 then won against Ontario 4-2. In they final game of day 2 they played BC and needed to win to come first after the round robin. NS tied BC 1-1 in that game, which made it a tie at 4 wins, no losses and 1 tie. BC came first based on goal differential. Nova Scotia is playing Alberta in the 2 vs. 3 semi-final right now! The Score at the half is 2-0 for Nova Scotia. Watch live here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OvlfHhLYM_A

Senior Goalball Nationals Day 1 Update and Day 2 Schedule & stream

Day 1 update: The Nova Scotia men won 9 to 5 against Alberta in a game that started slow & steady but quickly became a fast-paced match. NS then beat Manitoba 10 to 0.

Day 2 of the Canadian Senior National Goalball Championships has Nova Scotia men taking on Quebec soon at 12:45 Atlantic. This, and all games played in Gym B will be streamed at the following link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OvlfHhLYM_A

NS then plays Ontario at 3:30pm and BC at 5:20pm Atlantic in Gym A. All Gym A games streamed here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OvlfHhLYM_A

Full schedule here: http://sportsaveugles.qc.ca/…/Horaire-Championnat-canadien-…

NS athletes competing at 2016 Canadian Senior Goalball Championships Apr 22-24

This weekend, the Nova Scotia men’s goalball team and Tarah Sawler head to Quebec for the 2016 Canadian Senior National Goalball Championships. We’d like to wish all athletes and coaches the best of luck! Full schedule available here:  Full Schedule 

The tournament is hosted by Association sportive des aveugles du Québec and the Canadian Blind Sports and will be held in Quebec City on April 22-24, 2016. Competition will be held at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy, 2410 chemin Sainte-Foy in Quebec, QC.

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NS boys capture silver at 2016 Canadian Jr Goalball Championships, girls place 4th

Nova Scotia boys capture silver at 2016 Canadian Junior Goalball Championships! The girls played hard throughout the whole tournament and placed fourth. GO NOVA SCOTIA GO!

Congratulations to all who played, coached, refereed, volunteered!

Here’s the full day 2 update and final results:
In the first game of the day our boys beat BC 11-1 in the semis. Our girls lost 7-2 to BC in the semis. Our boys lost their first game of the tournament to Ontario 13-3 in the gold medal game. This was the first tournament for three of our four boys and we are very proud of the tournament we had. The girls played really hard and lost a close game 8-6 against Ontario in the bronze medal game. They played really hard the entire game.

Day 1 Update Junior Goalball National Championships

Junior Goalball Nationals 2016 Day 1 Update: Our boys started off with a 14-6 win over Quebec. They then beat BC 13-3. The boys’ last game of the day was against Ontario, Nova Scotia boys took that game 9-4 to come in first place after the round robin. The boys play the first game of the day tomorrow against BC in the 1 vs. 4 semi at 11:30 Atlantic Time. The boys final will be at 4:30 Atlantic Time.
Our girls had their toughest game of the day in their first game. They lost to Alberta 13-3. In their second game, the girls beat BC 7-6. In the girls’ final game of the day, they took on Ontario and won 11-10 to finish in second place after the round robin. We play BC tomorrow in the 2 vs. 3 semi at 2:00 Atlantic Time. The girls bronze medal game is at 3:40 Atlantic Time and the gold medal is at 5:20 Atlantic Time.  GO NOVA SCOTIA GO!
NS girls goalball nationals 2016 NS Boys at goalball nationals 2016 NS boys playing at nationals 2016

Nova Scotia Boys & Girls Compete in Canadian National Junior Goalball Championships this Weekend

We’re proud to announce Nova Scotia’s boys and girls goalball teams are in Alberta this weekend to represent at the 2016 Canadian National Junior Goalball Championships! Check us out on Facebook for updates and results.  Click here to watch & listen LIVE!

This is the first time in Nova Scotia history we have a junior boys team on the roster and third year having a girls team. We are one of only three provinces to have both junior boys and junior girls teams.

First game is at 12:20 Atlantic time, with our boys taking on Quebec. Here’s today’s Schedule:
boys 12:20pm Quebec vs Nova Scotia
girls 2:00pm Alberta vs Nova Scotia
boys 3:40pm British Columbia vs Nova Scotia
girls 5:20pm British Columbia vs Nova Scotia
boys 6:10pm Ontario vs Nova Scotia
girls 7:50pm Ontario vs Nova Scotia