About Us & Contact

About Us

CCB Blind Sports Nova Scotia is a non-profit charitable organization, a chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind, member of the Canadian Blind Sports Association, and associate member of Sport Nova Scotia. Blind Sports NS is a 100% run by dedicated volunteers.

Our Mission

Connect  Nova Scotians who are blind, visually impaired, or low vision, to sport, recreation, community, and healthy lifestyles for all ages & skill levels.
Our programs include goalball, tandem biking, and more. We work closely with community partners to offer running guides, blind hockey, group fitness classes, and dragon boating.
We’re proud to host the Annual Nova Scotia Open Goalball Tournament, Goalball Nationals Championships, charity auctions, and public demonstrations & education.

Executive Board Members 2022-23

Chair – Peter Parsons

Vice Chair – Yvon Clement

Treasurer – Cathy Sawler

Secretary – Christine Murphy

Communications – Jennie Bovard

Member at Large – Alexis Nickerson