Day 1 Update Junior Goalball National Championships

Junior Goalball Nationals 2016 Day 1 Update: Our boys started off with a 14-6 win over Quebec. They then beat BC 13-3. The boys’ last game of the day was against Ontario, Nova Scotia boys took that game 9-4 to come in first place after the round robin. The boys play the first game of the day tomorrow against BC in the 1 vs. 4 semi at 11:30 Atlantic Time. The boys final will be at 4:30 Atlantic Time.
Our girls had their toughest game of the day in their first game. They lost to Alberta 13-3. In their second game, the girls beat BC 7-6. In the girls’ final game of the day, they took on Ontario and won 11-10 to finish in second place after the round robin. We play BC tomorrow in the 2 vs. 3 semi at 2:00 Atlantic Time. The girls bronze medal game is at 3:40 Atlantic Time and the gold medal is at 5:20 Atlantic Time.  GO NOVA SCOTIA GO!
NS girls goalball nationals 2016 NS Boys at goalball nationals 2016 NS boys playing at nationals 2016