1st Atlantic Open Goalball Tournament a Success

We are still feeling the excitement that was the first Atlantic Open Goalball Tournament last weekend!
We were proud to host this event, made possible by incredible sponsors ACCEL Physiotherapy and Sport Performance Centre and AMI.
Thanks to the volunteers, referees, athletes, coaches, and all those who came out to show support, it was a stellar goalball event.
Congratulations to all who participated!
Women’s Division:
3rd place Atlantic
2nd place Nova Scotia Rec.
1st place  Nova Scotia Storm
Men’s Division:
3rd place Bluenosers
2nd place New Brunswick
1st place Blizzards
Photos courtesy of Shanna Kinnear (edited):
AOGT2213 AOGT2210 AOGT227 AOGT2211 AOGT228 AOGT229 AOGT22 AOGT221 AOGT223 AOGT224 AOGT225 AOGT226 AOGT2212