Volunteer Pilot Orientation (Tandem Biking)

Join us to learn more about the tandem bike club and how to be an effective volunteer tandem bike pilot for individuals with vision loss. We’ll also cover the basics of sighted-guide technique and you can experience riding as a stoker under blindfold.
How it Works
Tandem biking (on a bicycle for 2), with the help of a volunteer pilot, makes getting active in the great outdoors with friends, family, and peers more accessible for individuals who are blind and partially sighted. A pilot rides in front, steering, shifting gears, and communicating effectively with the stoker (person riding on the back seat).
Ways to Ride with Us
Become a Pilot – Receive training from an experienced pilot then choose to pilot for individual requests and/or group and event rides! You should be confident riding a bike, have experience riding in different environments, and be a good verbal communicator.
Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this event, we still welcome you to volunteer, as we offer training on an ongoing basis.
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