Tandem Biking

The Blind Sports NS Tandem Bike Club loves nothing more than connecting people with cycling, whether it’s been years or you’ve never been on a bike before.

It’s a fun way for those with any level of vision loss to get active  outdoors, with family and friends old & new.

We’re hosting a Try Tandem Biking & Volunteer Orientation event on Saturday, June 22, 2019! Details here.


A man and woman stand with a tandem bike and standard bike in front of them on a downtown street

How Does it Work? 

  • We make a have of tandem bikes available for short & long term loan as well as access to a roster of trained volunteer pilots.
  • A tandem bike is a bicycle built for two.
  • A person with vision loss rides in back and is referred to a stoker.
  • The pilot rides up front and steers and changes gears, while communicating effectively with and guiding the stoker.
  • Our volunteer pilots are experienced, confident, cyclists, who’ve been trained in tandem cycling best practices, sight loss etiquette, sighted guide, and more. 
  • Our fleet of bikes are equipped with bells, lights, reflectors, and racks. They are consistently maintained by an experienced bicycle technician.

3 tandem bikes parked

Tandem Bike Loans

  • If you’re blind or visually impaired, you can loan a bike, take it where you like, and engage one of our volunteer pilots or your own pilot, can be a friend or family member, but should always be someone you trust.
  • We offer training to get you familiar with tandem biking, best practices, and the chance to give tandem biking a try in a safe environment with experienced cyclists with & without vision loss.  It’s free for anyone with vision loss try tandem biking.
  • We offer helmets with each loan at no charge.
  • An annual $30 Membership is required for insurance and liability purchases and gives you access to our tandem bikes, training, and our volunteer pilot roster for the whole year.

Group Bike Rides

  • From about April to October, we host super fun group rides along the Chain of Lakes, BLT, St Margaret’s Bay Trails and more.
  • We offer shorter rides for those just getting their feet wet to rides that take all day or all weekend and it’s free to participate.
  • Our bike technician is on hand at each group ride!
  • We LOVE the Bike and Bean and take the 50 kilometre round trip ride from Halifax at least a few times each season.

A group of 5 people stand with tandem bikes on a trail in front of a cafe


Are you an experienced and confident cyclist? Want to help us share the joy of cycling with those with vision loss, while having a great time? We sometimes need help transporting these bikes, which usually requires a truck. If you want to join the roster for individual rides, group rides, or as a driver, we’d love to hear from you!

Get in Touch

Contact Jennie, Tandem Bike Club Coordinator


Facebook @BlindSportsNS

Call or Text 902-449-0320