An announcement on behalf of Gerry Nelson, President of Blind Golf Canada.

On behalf of Blind Golf Canada, we would like to introduce you to the Western Canadian Blind Golf Association (WCBGA), the Nova Scotia Blind Golf Association (NSBGA), and the Ontario Visually-Impaired Golfers (OVIG)!

The WCBGA, NSBGA, and OVIG are to Blind Golf Canada what the tour is to the PGA tour! At this level, our goal is to develop new blind golfers and promote competitive golf along with true sportsmanship amongst Canada’s blind and partially sighted community! For those who are eligible based on their visual acuities and wishing to play at a national and/or international level, Blind Golf Canada is a member country of the IBGA tour and is also an option for you!

For those of you who don’t know, blind golf is played by golfers who are totally blind or partially sighted (with an acuity of 20/200 or less or a visual field of less than 20 degrees). Simply put, if you are eligible for and possess a CNIB ID card, you can play. The rules are the same; the only difference being that blind golfers may ground their club in a hazard. We use the aid of a sighted guide and it is game on!

The WCBGA, NSBGA, and OVIG consist of the four western provinces, Nova Scotia, and Ontario and while our members are hosting and partaking in tournaments held in these six provinces, we are always looking for new golfers and provinces to join us!

We would like to welcome you at Blind Golf Canada! Our motto is You Can Still Play! It is our hope that as someone who is blind or partially-sighted, you will come out and join us. It doesn’t matter if you are a sighted individual, get involved as a volunteer, guide or a score keeper at a tournament in your local area, or just come out and watch us, you will be amazed! Please check our website for a calendar of events at

For further info in your local area, please contact the following:

Gerry Nelson,
President, Blind Golf Canada

Darren Douma
President, WCBGA

Glen Babcock
President, OVIG

Boyd Stewart,
President, NSBGA